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Interiores Chic

Interiores Chic is the home of interior designer Cristina Cruz, filled to the brim with features and inspiration on the many ways to style and beautify your home. Her goal is to inspire all homeowners to create their own unique decoration style and help them make their homes stand out on their own.

Comodoos Interiores

Comodoos Interiores is a Spanish Interior Design and Home Decoration blog by interior designer Carolina Sánchez. She also provides an interior design consulting service, and you can find out more about her work on the site as well.

El Mueble

El Mueble is a web magazine that features articles and inspiration on interior design, home decoration, furniture, appliances, and more. Get up-to-date on home improvement and design trends and get tips and tricks on home makeovers by checking out the website.

Inspira Hogar

Inspira Hogar is the website of interior designer and marketer Gemma, who wants to help and inspire people to build their dream home by helping homeowners bring out their own unique style in the process. If you want to decorate your home in your own unique way but don’t quite know where to start, Inspira Hogar can help.

Decoración de Interiores

Decoración de Interiores is a collaborative web magazine by interior design and home decoration professionals, where you can find ideas on and inspiration for home redecoration and DIY projects in a variety of different styles and themes.



How to add a touch of style to your home

Cómo dar un toque de estilo a tu casa shares a few tips and tricks from a professional interior designer on how you can beautifully transform and decorate your home using a variety of methods and materials.

Assembling a Dresser In A Small Bedroom, by Ikea

Armando un vestidor en un dormitorio pequeño, por Ikea

Estilos Deco reports on Ikea’s series of videos on how to maximize small spaces – starting with how to create a walk-in closet in a small bedroom.

How To Decorate A Home On A Budget

Cómo Decorar una Casa con Poco Dinero

This article is for everyone who’s looking to remodel their home without breaking the bank.

Japanese Decoration

Decoración japonesa

Learn about the ins and outs of Japanese interior design so that you can get that oriental look for your home, no matter where you are in the world.

Rue Monsieur Paris’ L'Appartement

L'Appartement de Rue Monsieur Paris

Take a look at the best of what Marjan Denkov’s Rue Monsieur Paris design firm can show you when it comes to interior design and home decoration concepts and ideas – all packed into a single apartment.

Eco-Friendly Decoration – The Future of Interior Design

Environmental movements around the world have sparked significant changes in how many industries operate, and the interior design industry is no exception – it seems that eco-friendly design is increasingly becoming favored in home decoration.

“Go green or go home” seems to be the new motto of many organizations around the world. With concern over the environment at an all-time-high, many groups have opted to review their methods of production in favor of pitching in on the enormous struggle to preserve our planet.

Many countries have already joined the campaign to make Earth a greener place. Some play their part by adopting energy-saving measures to reduce their respective carbon footprints, while others opt to recycle their waste more efficiently and help educate the people about waste management and the risks of pollution. There are some myriad ways that anyone can support great initiatives like these, and the interior design industry has its own spin on green:

Meet Eco-design.

For modern interior designers, a home’s beauty should now be more than meets the eye: sustainable design – also known as eco-design or green design – is the art of combining beautiful design techniques with methods to conserve and preserve the environment. Eco-design is a philosophy of sorts – one that revolves around the use and application of renewable, environmentally-friendly materials and construction methods with the purpose of minimizing the impact on the environment and reducing carbon footprints.

Believe it or not, sustainable design has been around since the 1970’s. However, it is now reaching unprecedented levels of adoption, thanks to the growing interest of the world’s population in preserving our planet.

How Does Eco-design Work?

Sustainable design is based on several important principles:

  1. First and most importantly, eco-design must use non-toxic and sustainable materials, which means that they must be either recycled or produced in a way that has little to no impact on the environment. Some green materials that come to mind in this case include bamboo, cork, rubber, as well as recycled glass, cotton, and wool.

  2. Despite the fact that sustainable design makes use of mostly recycled materials, their construction must be made to last. This is really important, since some manufacturers use materials in such a way that these wear down over a set span of time, prompting the owners to purchase replacements and spend more money than they otherwise would. This is not the case with eco-design – to qualify, products should be built to withstand the passage of time, so that your house or home lasts, and your local landfill receives less waste as a result of it.

  3. Not only should the production methods of sustainable design eco-friendly, but their creations themselves should be designed to be as energy-efficient as possible. This is made possible by using specific techniques and energy-efficient appliances. Some examples include using condensing boilers or heat pumps to heat your water, aluminum radiators to provide heat in winter, and double glazing windows to minimize heat loss in your home.

  4. Eco-friendly designs mean to create healthy environments by using natural resources as building blocks, which can result in better air quality, which can also help minimize airborne toxins. This means that many designers may have to resort to using alternatives to toxic adhesives or preservatives in construction processes.

  5. Last but not least, sustainable design must also take into consideration the transport of materials, preferring locally sourced options. You see, even if a component is eco-friendly, this point is rendered moot if it has to be transported overseas or over large distances, generating pollution in the process.

In the past, if you wanted an eco-friendly home, you more often than not had to choose function over form. With the advent of eco-design, you no longer have to choose between function and form anymore; instead, you simply ask yourself: why not both?

With sustainable design, you can achieve that home of your dreams without causing further damage to the environment, and it’s as easy as using the right materials and techniques. Speaking of which, if you're in the UK and looking to build a house or do some home improvement, feel free to contact Honest John for help you find the best and eco-friendliest home improvement quotes in the area.

About the Author: Juan López is a freelance writer living in Venezuela, and offers all sorts of writing services to any interested parties. You may contact him at his personal email, or on Facebook.

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